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Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) is one of the largest and important wings in modern healthcare Sector. With the advancement of medical science, the requirements of skilled persons / employees are increasing sharply. For accurate diagnosis of a disease doctors need the help of the medical laboratories. Hence the role of the BMLT can’t be denied in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Course Objective: Medical laboratory technologists do routine laboratory testing under stipulated conditions. Technologists may prepare specimens and operate machines that automatically analyze samples.

Skills and Attributes: A Medical Laboratory Technologist should have the highest level of dedication, sincerity and responsibility. A Medical Laboratory Technologist should also have the ability to conduct research and accomplish experiments through personal acumen and diligent dexterity, handling stress, making analytical judgment, interpreting technical /scientific data, commending over laboratory instrumentation and computation.

Job Prospects:

•The medical technologists are integral part of the medical profession. These professionals get involved in practical and technical work to aid correct diagnosis and in the effective functioning of Biochemical Laboratories.

•The career prospects in this field depend on the academic and technical skills of the technologist. These days with the growth in the private sector there are so many private hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks, pathology laboratories etc. the demand for laboratory technologists is on the up-swing.

•They can also work as Laboratory manager/Consultant/ supervisor, health care Administrator, Hospital Out reach coordination, laboratory information system Analyst/Consultant, educational consultant/ coordinator etc.

Subject to Study: Human Anatomy, Human Physiology,Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medical Entomology & Parasitology,Hematology, Immunology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Cytotechnology, &Histotechnology, Microbiology, Modern Biomedical Instrumentation, Computer Application


Affiliation: Vidyasagar University,Midnapore;  Recognised by Govt. of WestBengal and MAKAUT formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology(WBUT)


Eligibility: 10+2 With Physics, Chemistry,Biology.

BMLT(Vidyasagar University) -  3½ Years

Course Fee (Tuition) :

Years 30th July 28th February Total
1st Year ‘20-‘2130,000/-30,000/-60,000/-
2nd Year‘21-‘2220,000/- 20,000/- 40,000/-
3rd Year ‘22-‘2335,000/- 35,000/- 70,000/-
Grand Total --------------------------------1,70,000

Other Fees:

Development Fees (Per year):- Rs. 25,000/- 

Laboratory Fees (Per year) :Rs. 25,000/-

Grand Total: Rs.3,60,000/-(Rupees three lac sixty thousand only)

Sports & Cultural Fees (Per year):Rs. 2,000/-

University Registration, Examination fees to be paidare not included here.

BMLT (MAKAUT) -  3 Years

Course Fee (Tuition):

1st Year ‘20-‘2135,000/-35,000/-70,000/-
2nd Year‘21-‘2235,000/-35,000/-70,000/-
3rd Year ‘22-‘2335,000/-30,000/-65,000/-
Grand Total--------------------------------2,05,000/-

Other Fees:-

College Registration Fees(Non Refundable) :- Rs. 40000/-

Prospectus (NonRefundable) :- Rs. 500/-

Laboratory Fees (Per year) : Rs.25,000/-(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only)

Grand Total: Rs. 3,20,000/-(Rupees Three Lakh Twenty Thousand only)

Sports & Cultural Fees (Peryear) :Rs. 2,000/-(Two Thousand only)

<*>UniversityRegistration, Examination fees and training to be paid directly and notincluded here.

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